Living Trusts and Estate Planning

Law Offices of Michael S. Harms, Estate Planning Attorney, Living TrustsYou spend the better part of your life earning the assets which comprise your estate. Estate planning will transfer that hard earned estate to your family, friends, charities or others at the least possible cost. Don't lose a significant portion of your hard earned estate to taxes, probate fees or other costs! Estate planning is generally one of the best investments you can make to preserve your hard earned assets.

There is a common misconception held by many that estate planning is just for the "wealthy". That is not true. Estate planning is an issue which everyone should address. In most cases, there are thousands of dollars to be saved with the proper estate plan for adults of any age, with any amount of assets, and with or without children.

Please read the information on this website carefully as we are certain you will find it informative and useful. It addresses some of the planning opportunities for your estate as well as the topics of probate, guardianship, and conservatorship.

If you decide to pursue your estate plan further, you may call or e-mail me for a free one hour consultation. Prior to our appointment, it will be helpful if you would complete the Questionnaire which is relevant to your marital status, print a hard copy and bring it with you when we meet.